We produce high-quality wines
in one the world’s most beautiful territories:
the Monferrato area.

CDZ Vini is an Italian state-of-the-art winery
specialized in all phases of wine production
such as: wine making, quality analysis,
bottling and custom-made packaging
with our clients’ brands.

Quality & process control
  • Wine making

    We produce all types of Italian white wines, red wines, rosè wines, sparkling wines, semi-sparkling or frizzante wines and wine cocktails.

  • Bottling

    Our facility has acquired the highest level of expertise in the bottling sector.

  • Private label

    You chose the type of wine and we create your successful product through an endless variety of bottles and labels.

Our facility has state-of-the-art
equipment to ensure
efficiency and consistent


This territory became a UNESCO World Heritage
site for various reasons. One reason has to do
with its outstanding landscape scenario: endless
hills of cultivated vineyards as far as the eye
can see, like a painting.

Are you interested in producing your own wine?

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